Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

What Happens During Your First OB Appointment?

When you become pregnant, you are likely to schedule your first OB appointment as soon as possible. Your first appointment can seem intimidating, especially if this is your first pregnancy. The good news is that your first OB appointment doesn't have to be scary.

Here's what to expect during your first appointment during your pregnancy.

Answer Health Questions

One of the first things that happens during the exam is that you will be answering questions about your health. The doctor will ask you questions about your health and what has been happening with your pregnancy. This may involve a discussion of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Undergo a Physical Exam

Next, your OB will look over your general health, including a check of your abdomen, lungs, and heart. The doctor will take your blood pressure and check for things like swelling. They will also perform a quick pelvic exam.

Take a Pregnancy Test

The OB will also perform a professional pregnancy test. The test will confirm your pregnancy via urine and blood. The blood test is more accurate than a urine test and can block out the possibility of a false positive.

Undergo Health Screenings

You will also undergo a variety of other screenings to check for potential health concerns that impact you and your child. Urine and blood tests check for anemia, glucose levels, genetic conditions, STDs, cancer, and anything else that could be hazardous during pregnancy.

Possibly Undergo an Ultrasound

In many cases, a doctor will undergo an ultrasound. The ultrasound will provide more information as to the size of the fetus and how it is developing. The ultrasound can provide more information about your baby's progress and tell the doctor if there is anything to keep track of.

Receive a Due Date

Your OB will also be able to pinpoint a due date for your baby. The due date for your pregnancy is based on the size of your fetus and the date of conception. At this time, you may also discuss the different options for delivery. For example, you may learn that your pregnancy could be high-risk, so you might need to consider a C-section.

Make Your First Appointment

One of the best things you can do is make your first appointment as quickly as possible. You need to make an appointment with a professional to ensure that your pregnancy is happy and healthy. A healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy labor and child. For more information, talk to a local OB doctor near you to learn more.

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Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

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