Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

How A Chiropractor Can Help You Find And Address Oddities And Deformities In Your Neck And Back

Chiropractic care sometimes goes beyond just x-rays, back adjustments and pain relief. Sometimes some very serious conditions are uncovered when you seek treatment from a chiropractor. These conditions include pinched nerves that are almost completely cut off, bone cancer in your vertebrae, swollen and diseased lymph nodes and more. If you feel anything out of the ordinary but your general physician cannot seem to find or see anything amiss, then a trip to the chiropractor might help you uncover these oddities and deformities. Here is how.

Unusual Sounds or Sensations During Adjustments

There are some typical sounds and momentary sensations during spinal adjustment sessions. However, a chiropractor will quickly note when a post-adjustment sound is not right. He or she will ask you how that felt, and if you feel suddenly numb or have more intense pain, then the chiropractor will make note of that as well. Additionally, after noticing any unusual post-adjustment sounds and reports from you regarding odd sensations (because, hey, you should only feel good when the chiropractor has finished), the chiropractor may take additional x-rays immediately after an adjustment to see if something has shifted or changed.

This may be done right on an x-ray table so that you are not moved or moving and changing the effect of what just happened. The chiropractor can get an immediate view of the results of the adjustment and anything that might have caused the unusual or unexpected sound and/or sensation. This might help pinpoint some oddities that could not be located or identified before.

Careful Spinal Palpation

As a general rule, applying pressure to the bones in one's spine does not feel good. For this reason, most massage therapists and chiropractors will avoid applying pressure directly to the spine. However, if you feel some sort of deformity or oddity along your spine and want the chiropractor to take a look, he or she may carefully palpate your spine and ask questions along the way to determine where it is you may actually feel this odd sensation. If, in fact, it is the bone structure or position of a vertebra that is the problem (and not soft tissue issues), then your chiropractor will look at different treatment options for bone conditions.

Sometimes what you feel is an oddity that is not even close to the area where you claim to feel it, which is why the chiropractor will palpate the entire spine for small lumps or weird formations. When you feel a twinge or tingle, the chiropractor notes it. Then he or she will want to get a closer look, either with an x-ray, or with a biopsy. If your chiropractor opts for biopsy, he or she will send you to a specialist to get the sample tissue collected.

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Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

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