Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

Before It Begins: Avoiding A Home Lice Infestation

A lice infestation is very difficult to eliminate. While there are professional treatments that can ultimately be effective, it is better that your children do not bring lice home in the first place, or even worse, invest your entire home with lice. You will need to be proactive to keep lice out of your home.

Educate Your Children

You must educate your children on how they can prevent head lice. Ask your children to avoid playing the types of games that lead to head contact, since this is the primary reason for why children have head lice more often than adults. It is natural for kids to want to connect their heads, but tell them to avoid doing this.

Search For Lice Regularly

The earlier you are able to discover that your child has head lice, the more easily you will be able to eliminate the lice. To identify lice quickly, check your child's scalp at bath time for signs of lice. The best too for identifying and removing head lice is a nit comb. This come has microgrooves that will wrap around the strands of hair, ensuring that the lice is effectively removed.

Always check the belongings of your children. You may find a small amount of lice, but the grossness of finding lice among your child's things is nothing compared with the grossness of having a full-scale lice infestation in your house.

Quickly Treat It

There are over-the-counter products that can be applied to your child's hair to kill most of the eggs. Unfortunately, there is no product available that is capable of killing all eggs.

Keep Lice From Spreading Among Family Members

To prevent lice that remains from crawling from the head of one child to another, you should tie the hair of your children up as tightly as possible. Lice do not fly, but instead crawl. Therefore, tying them up tightly will make it difficult for them to travel. Buns are the best options. Braids and ponytails are also effective.

If you suspect that one of your children has head lice, ask him or her not to lay down next to anyone else in the family. This is another common way that head lice is transmitted from person to person, since the lice have an opportunity to crawl across the floor. The good news is that as children get older and as their play styles change, it will be less likely that they will get head lice.

Talk to your doctor about finding a head lice treatment as soon as possible.

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Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

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