Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

Tips That Help You Get Used To Your New Hearing Aid

If you've just gotten a new hearing aid, you may be somewhat discouraged that it feels uncomfortable, or that you can't hear as well as you thought you would. This feeling is completely normal, because it takes a period of adjustment to get used to wearing a hearing device. Be patient and give yourself a chance to learn how to use your hearing aid properly. Here are some tips that might help.

Uncomfortable Fit

It may feel odd to wear something in your ear, but it shouldn't hurt. The part that goes in your ear is usually made of silicone, so it is soft enough to be a little flexible. Plus, if you wear a hearing aid in your ear canal, it was probably custom made to the shape of your ear. Therefore, if it causes you too much discomfort or pain, something is probably wrong. You may need to have it remolded, or adjusted by your audiologist so it fits better.

You may even need to change the style. To get the most comfortable fit, choose a custom-made inner ear hearing aid or an open-style aid that fits behind your ear. Once you're assured you have the correct fit, it's just a matter of wearing your device in increasingly longer periods of time until you get used to having it on.

Itchy Ears

When you first get a hearing aid, it may make your ear feel itchy, especially if you are prone to having itchy ears anyway. That's because the skin inside your ear is very delicate, and the pressure of the hearing aid might irritate it and make it feel itchy. This annoyance should pass with time as your skin gets accustomed to having the device in place.

However, you should also consider the possibility of an allergic reaction if your itching seems excessive. You might be allergic to the parts used to make the device, or you could be allergic to the cleaning solution you use. Be sure to let your audiologist know if your new hearing aid makes your ear itch, because an adjustment may be necessary.

Poor Hearing

You might be surprised that you don't hear very well when you first get your hearing aid. In fact, the noise can be overwhelming. That's because hearing aids can't replicate normal hearing, they just amplify sound. Therefore, you have to get used to how they work. In the beginning, you probably want to avoid wearing your device in crowded places with a lot of background noise. Instead, practice wearing your hearing aid in your home as you talk with your family members. You can also try listening to television or an audio book and practice distinguishing words.

Gradually wear your hearing aid in other places, such as a restaurant or church, so you can practice picking out conversations from background noise. By taking a slow approach, you are less overwhelmed and frustrated. People adapt to hearing devices at different rates depending on their degree of hearing loss. You may find you are completely adjusted within a few days, but it could take several weeks until you feel comfortable wearing your device all day in a variety of situations. While the adjustment period may be annoying, it eventually passes, and then you'll be able to appreciate how much improved hearing benefits your daily life.

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Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

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