Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

3 Novel Ways To Find Fun And Adventure With Your Mobility Scooter

Just because you've lost some mobility and now must use a scooter, there's no reason to think that your days of having fun and finding adventure are over. Accessibility is increasing all over the country, meaning that your scooter is welcome and easy to use in more locations than ever. If you get bored hanging around the house, remember these 3 ways you can seek fun and adventure when you buy a wheelchair or power mobility scooter:

1) Go treasure hunting.

Metal detecting and Indian artifact hunting are popular hobbies these days. As mobility devices become more agile, treasure seekers are taking their scooters on relic hunts. The power and maneuverability of the scooters make sweeps of schoolyards, homesteads and beaches possible.

Having a long, thin shovel that's lightweight, a magnet mounted on a pole and a grabber tool can help you negotiate finds on the ground without having to get out of your chair. Better still, contact one of the many treasure hunting groups found in every state and join in on their group hunts. Or find a friend, a grandchild or another local treasure hunter to be your metal detecting and arrowhead finding buddy.

2) Go fishing for good times.

Fishing gets you close to nature and gives you space to relax. With your power chair, you'll be able to make your way to many lakeside, oceanside and creekside sweet spots without losing your breath or worrying about tumbles.

There are fishing poles that are designed to be more compact but just as strong as standard poles, while your scooter is more than capable of carrying your tackle box for you. What more could you want when it comes to easy fishing?

Places like the Florida Keys and the state of Montana have recreational programs with the mobility challenged in mind. They want you and your scooter to visit, catch some fish and have a great time.

3) Join the parade.

Whether you live in a tiny village or a big city, there are many opportunities to dress up and show off your power chair and yourself.

Smaller towns have July 4th celebrations and winter holiday parades. You can volunteer to be a ghoul on Halloween or deck yourself out as one of the rolling dead for a city zombie walk.

Your theatrical side doesn't have to wither just because you need your scooter to get around. Think of it as your personal parade float and decorate it accordingly.

By the time you've experienced relic hunting, sport fishing and parade prancing from the safety and comfort of your power mobility scooter, you'll have many more ideas of your own regarding new adventures you can have. Don't let physical impairment stop you from having a blast in life.

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Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

Having a child on the autism spectrum poses all kinds of unique challenges that can sometimes be very difficult. The sensory issues that often accompany spectrum disorders can mean that even everyday things like taking vitamins may be a serious struggle. For my son, it's both texture and taste that pose challenges for him, which made finding a vitamin supplement very difficult. After experimenting with many different brands, styles, and flavors, I have found what does and doesn't work for various sensory issues that he has. I've created this site to share our experiences in the hopes that it might help other parents with kids on the spectrum to find a vitamin their child will take.

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