Overcoming Autism's Sensory Struggles: Finding The Right Vitamins

Why Ultrasounds Are Used To Diagnose Female Problems

Suffering from female problems can be painful and scary, and it often takes going through tests for your doctor to determine what the problem is. One of the first tests your doctor might recommend is an ultrasound. An ultrasound is virtually pain-free, yet it can offer insight to the problems you are experiencing.

The Two Types

There are two main types of ultrasounds used for diagnosing female problems, and these are:

  • Transabdominal – this is an external type of ultrasound, and it is the type used during pregnancy to see the baby inside the womb. Through this, a technician is able to see your pelvic area, and he or she will look for unusual things, such as masses.
  • Transvaginal – this type of ultrasound is internal, and it allows the technician to see clearer images of the female organs because a camera is inserted inside the vagina.

Your doctor might recommend having both types of tests, and you can usually have them both done during the same visit.

Why Ultrasounds Are Used

Ultrasounds are often the first step in diagnosing female problems because they:

  • Offer good images of all of the female organs
  • Are pain-free
  • Are fast

Gynecologists themselves are limited with the services they can offer. If you complain of any type of severe pain, excessive bleeding, pain during intercourse, or irregular periods, your gynecologist is likely to want to know what is causing this to happen. An ultrasound, like at Hudson Valley Imaging, will often reveal the problem, and this will help your doctor know what to do next.

The Next Step

If the ultrasound revealed any type of problem, you will most likely need to undergo additional tests or procedures. For example, if a mass was found on your ovaries, the doctor will want to remove it. There is a chance though that the ultrasound will not reveal any problems, even if there is a problem.

If your ultrasound comes back with normal results and nothing abnormal is discovered, the doctor may recommend further tests. One of the tests could be a laparoscopy. This test requires anesthesia and is completed by the doctor making small incisions in your abdomen area.

Through the incisions, the doctor will enter into your pelvic area to take a further look at your organs. If there is a problem with your female parts, this particular test will find it.

There are many common issues that could be causing the problems you have, but it is always good to find out what these problems are. Early detection is always better for any type of health problem, and you can begin by discussing your problems with your doctor.

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